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February Fashion Week 2014: Kaufman Franco

Kaufman Franco’s F/W’14 runway show held at Lincoln Center was bursting with usual glamour. Designers Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco created a collection of strategic cut-outs, clean lines and plenty of glitz to give us an interpretation of “good girl gone bad.”

We saw stick straight hair pulled back into a sort of “undone” ponytail. The look was sleek and refreshing and allowed each mesmerizing gown to be show off sans distraction.

The presentation started off with stark black and white contrasting looks which faded into pale blue daytime attire. Hard metallic chains and sequins polished off the collection and had us thinking red carpet before the final encore.

February Fashion Week 2014: Steven Alan

Steven Alan’s F/W ’14 Presentation was held at Industria Studios on a brisk February morning, so it is very fitting that Steven drew his inspiration from East Coast winters. The collection’s textures and color palettes are derived from the rocky Atlantic coasts, Andrew Wyeth’s paintings and feelings of the wind and sea.

Hair was tied up in messy ponytails and secured with knots. The serenity and comfort in each piece matched that of the clam, early morning light streaming through the windows at Industria.

Steven continued to explore the concept of loungewear for city living with a cozy assortment of layers in warm textures and novel fabric washes. We saw a natural range of colors from grey and slate blue to white and black with lots of  expert tailoring.

February Fashion Week 2014: Kaelen

Kaelen’s F/W ’14 Presentation at Highline Studios explored the median of romance and minimalism while continuing the tradition of androgynous tailoring. The inspiration began with softness and nature. Natural elements mixed with innovative and technical patterns is a theme we have seen Kaelen exploring throughout past collections as well.

The shapes are round and soft, but exaggerated. Graphic, sharp fabrics are mixed with soft, abstract print to create a commonality. The print this season is meant to feel both digital and natural at the same time. Inspiration is taken from Mohair textiles and mossy texture to create something pixelated and abstract that still retains a natural feel.

February Fashion Week 2014: Milly by Michelle Smith

Milly by Michelle Smith F/W ’14 Runway Show at Lincoln Center depicted a collection inspired by the movement, discipline and beauty of ballet dancers.

Luxurious layers, such as fur and silk adorned the models as they walked down the runway. Texture and shine were both extremely prevalent.


February Fashion Week 2014: Lela Rose

Lela Rose’s F/W ’14 Runway Show at Lincoln Center showcased a collection full of texture, color and plenty of signature embellishment. With a nod to Chef Ferran Adrià’s masterful creations at Spanish restaurant El Bulli, Lela creates a new intersection between fashion and food.

The beauty look was bursting with as much texture as the collection was. Gilded shadow and a sprinkling of exaggerated gold glitter flaunted an ethereal face. Hair was wound tight from either side and secured with a single pearl barrette, creating what Ted Gibson’s team called a “Twist & Shout.”

The collection combined textural, playful and experimental ideas into classic ladylike attire. Pearls and crystals were refined and softened by architectural and modern silhouettes, respectively.