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September Fashion Week 2015 : Rachel Antonoff

Summer camp is a state of mind. Another playful presentation from Rachel Antonoff in the books. Her spring vision inspired by “Troop Beverly Hills” and “Moonrise Kingdom” included camp like rompers and jackets. We have our sleeping bags and s’mores ready. Who’s coming with us?



September Fashion Week 2015: Novis

Jordana Warmflash brings the fun back to fashion with her collection of flirty and feminine streamlined silhouettes. Bright colors and bold prints created landscape themes inspired by the ceramicist Clarice Cliff. Models stood like mannequins on red dots making the room appear like a large fun game of Twister.



September Fashion Week 2015: Tess Giberson

Inspired by the late German architect Walter Gropius’ house, Tess Giberson viewed her spring collection as a sequel to resort. Her visions were drawn from anything and everything within the home including textures of pillows and colors in a painting. These inspirations were transformed into fringed vests and dresses, patchworked leather detailing, and mesh inset shirtdresses and skirts. A bit of sex appeal was added to this collection differing from her signature soft hand-loomed sweaters and pants.

September Fashion Week 2015: Rachel Comey

Brooklyn babe, Rachel Comey was focused on fabrics when designing her Spring 2016 RTW collection. Washing, patching, bleaching, and fraying were displayed amongst trench coats, sheath dresses, and a variety of culottes. Muted pinks, greens, and blues hung on her collection of dancers turned models from Robbinschilds choreography group as they strolled across the room while making intense eye contact with the show’s attendees.




September Fashion Week 2015: Hellessy

Inspired by the summer rooftop sunsets of New York City, Sylvie Millstein’s spring collection for Hellessy displays colors of blue, ivory, and maroon. Floor length dresses, cutout panels, and wide legged pants made of silks and satins accent the models’ lean figures. This collection captures a refined coolness with wardrobe basics that transition perfectly from day to night.