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February Fashion Week 2015: Tess Giberson

The contrast of the threatening arctic with its minimal beauty was the inspirations for Tess Giberson’s latest collection. Featuring aggressive outerwear and delicate knits and satins the collection spoke to this contradiction. The only color in the collection was a bit of beige, Giberson mostly favored layering different shades together. There was a comfort in the collection, a feeling of safety under all of the shearling and textures and knowing there was a gentle piece of artisanal beauty layered underneath it all.




February Fashion Week 2015: Rachel Comey

A luxurious dinner party in Brooklyn was the backdrop for Rachel Comey’s show this season and was attended by a slew fashion insiders and friends. Comedian Tracee Ellis Ross started the night off with a hilarious bit as a life coach. The collection itself was very wearable and cool making use of fabrics found in everyone’s closet like denim and leather but with a more playful edge.





February Fashion Week 2015: Rachel Antonoff

Rachel Antonoff didn’t think it was cool enough to have her collection inspired by a science fair, so she decided to stage her presentation to look just like one, and at her high school no less. A preppy flavor was dispersed through out Antonoff’s classic sweet style. The clothing didn’t fall into the cliche that sometimes happens when high school is used as an inspiration, it stayed fresh and relevant merely making nods to¬† the science fair culture.





February Fashion Week 2015: Milly

Milly’s show focused on a postmodernist approach to design. Bright colors, futuristic fabric pairings and daring shapes molded the collection that emanated from 1980’s icons like Grace Jones but was clearly a contemporary viewpoint. The set for the show radiated the same message, fluorescent structures framed the seating sections, giving a more theatrical feel to the runway.





February Fashion Week 2015: Libertine

If someone could make patches look glamorous, Johnson Hartig can and he did for this collection for Libertine. All of his designers were looking back to things in popular culture, like his old telephone, which was used as inspiration for a collaboration bag with Edie Parker, or Braque’s paintings. Fun was celebrated through out the clothing, every design had something to make you smile and by the end of the finale the models themselves were smiling and dancing down the runway.